Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Sewing Project

Finally Santa gave me a sewing machine for Christmas!!!...Thank you so much my dear Santa :-))
I love it and have so many plans to do with this new toy :)
Before starting any project I practiced sewing straight stiching and all kinds of stiches. After feeling confident, yesterday I made my first sewing project!

I made a purse/bag organizer or some people call it a moving bag, a transferrable bag etc.
I really need this kind of organizer as I always have problems when I using a tote kind of handbag where all my belongings will just lost inside the bag and I have a hard time finding anything.
With this organizer, everything has it own pocket and they will stay in one place.
And if I want to change bags, I will have no problem moving everything together at one time.
I will never forget anything as everything is inside the organizer.
Eventhough its not perfect, as I think i missed some steps in constructing the organizer, I am proud of my first project and I cant wait to do another one.
Thank you for reading!


  1. yay...finally you got that toy...good job for your first project, I look forward for another result, I am sure it will be a pretty thing. Good luck

    1. Yaay..finally right?!..I've been dreaming about it for years :-)) Thank you for your comment Dear :)