Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great Gift Idea: Cute & Functional Magnetic Mini Recipe Calendars

We came across these cute mini calendars on our search for my husband's business gifts to his clients.
I fell in love instantly as they are not just cute, but also very functional and informative.

What so great about these magnetic mini recipe calendars are:

*) They each have a "peel & stick" pad on the front to put your business cards, so they are great promotional tools to your business(es). Or you may want to put your own personal messages like "happy birthday", "merry Christmas", "I love you forever", "You are the best cook ever!" etc :), so they are great personalized gifts.

*) They each have a magnetic pad on the back, so they are easily stick to your refrigerator.

*) The recipes are awesome.


I really love them! And now they are available in my Colleqsicu Etsy Shop at a very affordable price.
Please check them out here and here.
They are great for promotional tools, gifts, favors or stocking stuffers.

Thank you for reading!


  1. good job! So this is the result of being meditated all this time...bravo sis!

  2. Thank you dear! This is just one of them :)