Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Visit to "Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture" and A Memorable Dinner

This post was originally written in November 2012. I was writing it when the power suddendly went out due to damages from the hurricane Sandy. Then I was too busy doing lots of thing for the holiday and almost forget about this post. So I rewrote and finished it today. Here it is ...

Sunday before the hurricane Sandy hit the north east, we went to the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, NY. We were invited for a special lunch-dinner by my stepson at the Blue Hill at the Stone Barn Restaurant which is located in the same place. He works there as a sous chef.

We came early so we have time to walk around the farm, barn and the center's building. The place is just beautiful.


The buildings were originally farmer barns & silos
 Before the lunch-dinner started we had time to walk around the green houses, gardens and barnyards
We had around 25 courses ( I lost counting after 20). The food & wine were awesome and delicious.
in between courses, they took us out to see a green compost pile box where they cooked some of our food (potatoes & eggs). This is a new concept that they are doing in acccordance with their green way of cooking.
The compost was not smelly or stinky at all because it is a green compost that doesn't contain any animal menure and such.
After dinner, we were given a tour by my stepson around the facility.
We had a great time and really enjoy our visit to the place and cannot wait to do it again.


  1. The food looks delicious. How was it in taste comparing to cook them in a traditional burner?
    Where is this place exactly ?

    1. Yes, they were delicious as they were using fresh ingredients from their own farm. The food that was cooked with the compost, for me, tasted as good as the other food.
      This place is located in 630 Bedford Road, Pocantico Hills, NY 10591.
      This is the center's website:

      and this is the restaurant's website:

      They have another restaurant in Greenwich Village, NYC too :)