Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mum's The Word!

Happy Sunday everyone!
How was your weekend? I hope you had a great weekend.
My husband was a little bit down by flu so I took care of him and we just did a lot of R&R at home.
I took pictures of the mums on our deck. They are flowering out more and show their vibrant colors.


Thank you for stopping by.
I hope you have a great week ahead!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn 15% Discount Coupon

To celebrate Autumn, my favorite season of the year, I offer a 15% discount for everybody on all purchases in my etsy shop. The coupon code is FALL15KREASIKU. Valid from today, September 27th 2012 until October 15th 2012

You may take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on your Baltic Amber beads and jewelry collection.
Don't forget the coupon code is FALL15KREASIKU. Type in the code upon check out in my etsy shop. Coupon valid from 9/27/2012 until 10/15/2012

Happy shopping and have fun!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Miss Versatility

I love versatile items!
It is always satisfying when you get one item and it has many functions or can be worn in many different ways and styles.
I have been infusing my versatile mind to my jewelry creations. So far I have created some bracelets (memory bracelets & wrapped bracelets) that I recommend can be use as napkin rings. Some exampes : here, here & here.
I also made multiple strands necklaces that can be worn in multiple ways, here.

This is my newest versatile necklace. I made it as a custom order, but they will be available soon in my shop for everybody :)

Three Baltic Amber Necklaces that can be worn individually or together.
There are 9 different styles from this necklace.

I hope you like versatility too, because I am and still thinking about creating more of them :)
Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mother's Creations

Since we were little, our late mother taught us, my two sisters and I, crocheting, stitching, sewing & embroidery.
On school vacations, she would start handmade projects for us to be finished by the end of the vacation. When we could not finish the projects, my mother would always be there to finish them. We had many handmade items around our home. My mother made most of all of our clothes and dresses. She also made our accessories and handbags. She had sewn all the pillow covers, bed sheets and even the windows curtains. All the linens; table cloths, napkins etc, were her creations too.

Me and my little sister were wearing dresses made by our mother.
Look at the ballerina flat shoes with ankle straps we wore, they are cute :)
the pink crocheted table cover on the right was my mother's handmade too.

I wish I could find more pictures of the dresses and handmade items that she made. They remind me of how creative my mother was. She is my inspiration. I love you so much Ibu, I miss you!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Winning is Exciting :)

I was cleaning my email spam box this morning when I found an email from Kathie, a very nice lady from Cotton Ridge Homeschool, telling me that I have won a beautiful pendant from her blog's giveaway. I forgot about my entry to her giveaway as I way busy doing my own giveaway which ends today.
I am so Happy that I have won the pendant. It looks very pretty. I cant wait to receive it J
Thank you so much Kathie, you have made my day J
Photo Courtesy of Cotton Ridge Homeschool
Ivory Heart-Shaped Stoneware Clay Pendant by Cotton Ridge Pottery

As I mention before, Today is the day  to pick the winner to my giveaway. Rafflecopter has chosen, and the winner is (drum roll please…) MONICA !!!
(Everyone Clap please ....)

Congratulations  MONICA I hope you will like the jewelry.