Thursday, September 20, 2012

Miss Versatility

I love versatile items!
It is always satisfying when you get one item and it has many functions or can be worn in many different ways and styles.
I have been infusing my versatile mind to my jewelry creations. So far I have created some bracelets (memory bracelets & wrapped bracelets) that I recommend can be use as napkin rings. Some exampes : here, here & here.
I also made multiple strands necklaces that can be worn in multiple ways, here.

This is my newest versatile necklace. I made it as a custom order, but they will be available soon in my shop for everybody :)

Three Baltic Amber Necklaces that can be worn individually or together.
There are 9 different styles from this necklace.

I hope you like versatility too, because I am and still thinking about creating more of them :)
Thank you for stopping by!